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Sign up for an interview in your area!

Please use the calendar to the right to display and register for an off-campus interview with a Scripps Admission Officer or alumna. Be sure to select the correct city!

If we are not coming to your area or you are not able to schedule an off-campus interview for the available times, you may request an off-campus interview with an alumna in your area. To learn more about alumnae interviews, click here. However, we may add more cities and dates, so feel free to check back later to see if we've added something in your area.

Note: Click on a date on the calendar to the right, then scroll to the bottom of the page to see the available interview times for that date.
Boston area (Cambridge)
October 7-8
October 21-22
Cupertino, CA
September 23
September 30
East Bay (CA)
September 16-17 and November 11-12
October 22 and 24
October 7
Mountain View, CA
September 24
New York City 
September 30 and October 1
October 28-29
October 16
Salt Lake City
September 24
San Diego
September 19-20
San Francisco
September 23
Santa Clara, CA
November 10-11
Santa Cruz, CA
October 21
Seattle area (Bellevue)
October 14-15
Washington, DC area (Bethesda)
September 17
Westchester (Rye Brook)
October 7
Unavailable / Filled
Not Scheduled